Board Games being turned into movies…

Is it me or are Hollywood trying to make everything into a film these days? I mean take an article I was reading in the new edition of Empire (issue no. 239). Universal has signed a 6 year deal with Hasbro to make films about its board games, and they are already re-imagining multi-million dollar versions of Battleships, Cluedo, Stretch Armstrong and even Monopoly!

This isn’t even a laughing matter, as Michael Bay, Gore Verbinski AND Ridley Scott have signed on to do Battleships, Cleudo and Monopoly each. I mean its sounds crazy in the first place, but since these three Hollywood uber-directors have signed on, it was like hearing Christian Bale signing up for Terminator Salvation, after hearing McG would be directing it.

So do you think Hollywood have made the right move? Would you go and see them? Or would you rather play the games… All I’ll say is that I’m willing to give it a chance.


Marshall and Kurylenko team up for Centurion

She became well known for appearing in Quantum of Solace, he is one of Britains most recent and exciting horror directors, so imagine my surprise when I heard that they are both going to be working on Centurion, a ‘relentless action-adventure set in AD 117 (63 years before the events of  Ridley Scott’s Gladiator)’. If your still confused about who I am on about, I am referring to Olga Kurylenko and Neil Marshall.

While the plot isn’t fully laid out, report that Kurylenko plays “a savage-looking Pict warrior woman” by the name of Etain, whose family were butchered by the Romans, and who cut her tongue out, and, not surprisingly, she’s out for Roman blood.

While i’m not going to say anymore on narrative here, I will add that she will be starring alongside Noel Clarke (of Doctor Who and Kidulthood/Adulthood fame), and as if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, it is being produced by Christian Colson (Slumdog Millionaire) and Robert Jones (Run Fatboy Run).

And perhaps the best bit about all of this? It is hopefully going to be released this year.

For more info, check out the link to the article below:

Bruno – release date

Was browsing the guardian website looking at recent fiilm articles, and i noticed in one of the blogs that the release date for Sacha Baron Cohan latest comedy Bruno, is going to be on July 10th.

Even though the blog reports on Cohan being spotted at an Alabama military academy back in february, surely the release date is more important, considering that Borat was one of the funniest films in 2007, and from what trouble that Cohan has caused in the making of the film already (gate-crashing a fashion cat-walk anyone?), this film looks to be “Very Nice!” indeed.

Anyone else excited about the release?

The Making of Saw

Thought this might be an interesting read…

Below is a link to an article on about the making of the first Saw film. Reading it through, it gives a good insight into how it came about, and to remind us of why it what a good film in the first place, compared to the rest of the sequels (bar Saw II. Though it wasn’t as good, obviously).

Happy Reading!

Boyle to direct Bond?

Danny Boyle has been approached to direct the 23rd James Bond film (yet to be titled).

The Sun reports that Boyle has been bombarded by studios after the huge success of his BAFTA/Oscar winner Slumdog Millionaire, one of which was from EON productions, who head the Bond franchise. No surprises there then, as Boyle is the “man of the moment”, but The Guardian reports (having picked up on this) that he has denied suggestions of being approached to direct it. Shame then, but what he hasn’t denied though, is that he is in talks with Sony about directing the re-make of My Fair Lady (with Keira Knightley attached…sounds interesting).

All I can say is that it is a shame then that Danny has “no plans to direct (a Bond film)”, as it would be a very interesting, and possibly different, addition to the franchise (his previous works, including, Trainspotting and 28 Days Later have proved his talent as one of the leading british directors of today, in addition to Slumdog). What i’m sure won’t be dissapointing, is to see what film the director plans to take on next, as long as it isn’t the re-make of A Nightmare on Elm Street (A film that really shouldn’t be re-made. But is going to be).

The links for both articles on the Boyle/Bond rumours are listed below…

The Sun:

The Guardian:

Babysitter Wanted

Was recently looking at the trailers on the Apple website (Link at bottom of page) and there was one trailer that particularly caught my eye.

It was for the film Babysitter Wanted (Link at bottom of page). I could tell this was going to be a horror, due to the poster that was on the website . Thinking it was going to be ‘just another horror’, i decided to take a look at it just to see if i was right, and to see which direction the horror genre was going. What I saw however, took me somewhat by surprise.

This was a trailer that echoed Halloween (The original 1978 Carpenter version that is) (indeed one of the statements on the trailer from a horror website says it is the best interpretation of the urban legend since Halloween. And anyway, Halloween is a genre classic), going for suspense rather then gore and super-natural horror, that has been seen a lot in horror films in the past few years or so, following a girl called Angie as she is going to college and applying for a baby-sitter job.

While violence is implied, though whether its going to be very bloody or not depends on how you interpret the trailer, this still looks like an appealing horror, a film that shocks/scares its audience through tension and suspense is my kind of horror (Blair Witch Project for example), and therefore I would happily go and watch it over the other horrors that are around at the moment (I.E The Unborn). Since it has already been released on DVD in the UK, I will therefore see if I can find it in the local rental shop.

Will do a post of what I made of it as soon as I have seen it.

Bye for now…

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