Babysitter Wanted

Was recently looking at the trailers on the Apple website (Link at bottom of page) and there was one trailer that particularly caught my eye.

It was for the film Babysitter Wanted (Link at bottom of page). I could tell this was going to be a horror, due to the poster that was on the website . Thinking it was going to be ‘just another horror’, i decided to take a look at it just to see if i was right, and to see which direction the horror genre was going. What I saw however, took me somewhat by surprise.

This was a trailer that echoed Halloween (The original 1978 Carpenter version that is) (indeed one of the statements on the trailer from a horror website says it is the best interpretation of the urban legend since Halloween. And anyway, Halloween is a genre classic), going for suspense rather then gore and super-natural horror, that has been seen a lot in horror films in the past few years or so, following a girl called Angie as she is going to college and applying for a baby-sitter job.

While violence is implied, though whether its going to be very bloody or not depends on how you interpret the trailer, this still looks like an appealing horror, a film that shocks/scares its audience through tension and suspense is my kind of horror (Blair Witch Project for example), and therefore I would happily go and watch it over the other horrors that are around at the moment (I.E The Unborn). Since it has already been released on DVD in the UK, I will therefore see if I can find it in the local rental shop.

Will do a post of what I made of it as soon as I have seen it.

Bye for now…

(Apple Movie Trailers –

(Babysitter Wanted Trailer –


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