Boyle to direct Bond?

Danny Boyle has been approached to direct the 23rd James Bond film (yet to be titled).

The Sun reports that Boyle has been bombarded by studios after the huge success of his BAFTA/Oscar winner Slumdog Millionaire, one of which was from EON productions, who head the Bond franchise. No surprises there then, as Boyle is the “man of the moment”, but The Guardian reports (having picked up on this) that he has denied suggestions of being approached to direct it. Shame then, but what he hasn’t denied though, is that he is in talks with Sony about directing the re-make of My Fair Lady (with Keira Knightley attached…sounds interesting).

All I can say is that it is a shame then that Danny has “no plans to direct (a Bond film)”, as it would be a very interesting, and possibly different, addition to the franchise (his previous works, including, Trainspotting and 28 Days Later have proved his talent as one of the leading british directors of today, in addition to Slumdog). What i’m sure won’t be dissapointing, is to see what film the director plans to take on next, as long as it isn’t the re-make of A Nightmare on Elm Street (A film that really shouldn’t be re-made. But is going to be).

The links for both articles on the Boyle/Bond rumours are listed below…

The Sun:

The Guardian:


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