This Is England and Social Realism

Now, i know that i have already done a blog post before referring to Shane Meadows and how much i love his films, but i was watching This Is England just now, and it made me think about things and relate to it, more than i ever did when i last watched it over a year ago.

Which just goes to show the power that a genre such as social realism can have on an audience, and why films such as this need to be more recognised. Ok i now that T.I.E was shown in America and didn’t do that well, probably because they didn’t get most of what the film was on about, however The Full Monty was a success across the pond and Trainspotting, although the film had to be re-dubbed by the original cast because of the ‘heavy’ accents that were spoken.

Ok, i’ll rephrase that. More films like this need to be made, and not just from England, i’m mainly thinking Hollywood, because i think it would be good to see Spielberg or Greengrass, for example, make something hard hitting, very ‘real’, and on a low budget. And i mean for less than $10 Million, try doing a ‘Blair Witch’ and make it for $40,000. Now that would be a challenge, and it would be really interesting to see what they would come up with. And lets face it, it would make quite a good documentary to.


2 Responses to “This Is England and Social Realism”

  1. sbtb Says:

    Social Realism isn’t a genre.

    How can Full monty do well in America and also not do well in America because people didn’t get it?

    What would make a good documentary and why do we have to face it?

  2. armstrong07854 Says:

    Sorry. typo! have just amended it.
    Secondly, i think that social realism can be considered a genre. The only reason why it doesn’t seem so is because the films and programmes, such as Eastenders, Kidulthood, Trainspotting, The Full Monty etc, would be traditionally classified as a Drama or a Comedy. Having done an essay on social realism in british film, i can safely say it has become a staple of the british film and, to some extent, TV, and therefore could easily stand out as its own genre. I mean its like ‘the soap opera’, it doesn’t sound like a ‘traditional’ genre such as a drama or a comedy or a romance, but it still is considered a genre.

    Lastly, the documentary sentance was a bit of a bad joke i must admit. I was referring to that fact that if such a famous hollywood director were to make a very low budget film, that it would make an interesting documentary programme because i think it would of been interesting to people to see how they did it.

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