Hollywood Audio Rant

I did a rant for my mates blog, and as its to do with film, I thought i’d better link you to it. WARNING: Contains a lot of pauses and stutters, as i’m not very good at improvising a rant on the spot, and if some things don’t make sense. Apologies in advance, any questions or views on the subject, my comment box is there for you to type away. The audio clip is titled ‘Aaron’s Rant’.


P.S You’ll also find my friends did a rant about people’s priorities and mobile phones. They are, kinda, interesting if you wanna listen to them.


Film Promotions – Name Changes

Harry Potter and The Sorceror's Stone Poster (America)The Boat That Rocked - German Promtion

Was in Germany recently seeing family, and I came across a poster for The Boat That Rocked, only with a different, english, title. And it made me think, why do names of films, plays, books etc change when they are released in various countries? I mean, another example, Harry Potter, why was the first film re-entitled Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone in America, what was wrong with Philosophers?

I am curious to find out whether this is the case with other films, anybody know of any other examples like this? Bar film titles that have been translated into different languages, because that is naturally understandable.

This Is England and Social Realism

Now, i know that i have already done a blog post before referring to Shane Meadows and how much i love his films, but i was watching This Is England just now, and it made me think about things and relate to it, more than i ever did when i last watched it over a year ago.

Which just goes to show the power that a genre such as social realism can have on an audience, and why films such as this need to be more recognised. Ok i now that T.I.E was shown in America and didn’t do that well, probably because they didn’t get most of what the film was on about, however The Full Monty was a success across the pond and Trainspotting, although the film had to be re-dubbed by the original cast because of the ‘heavy’ accents that were spoken.

Ok, i’ll rephrase that. More films like this need to be made, and not just from England, i’m mainly thinking Hollywood, because i think it would be good to see Spielberg or Greengrass, for example, make something hard hitting, very ‘real’, and on a low budget. And i mean for less than $10 Million, try doing a ‘Blair Witch’ and make it for $40,000. Now that would be a challenge, and it would be really interesting to see what they would come up with. And lets face it, it would make quite a good documentary to.

A Bizarre BBFC Rating

Is it just me or do you think some of content advice the BBFC give in their ratings is a bit far fetched? Take Fast and Furious for example, as much as I am excited to see this, the advice from the BBFC reads thus: “Contains strong action violence and sexualised posing”.

Now just what dumbass thought this up? I mean, it would have just been simpler to put “sexual references” like they do with all their other films wouldn’t it?! I’m baffled to work out why they decided to say this on this film, why not include it also on something like Striptease or, erm… well you get the idea surely.

What I would like to know, is if anybody else have spotted some strange classification decisions? Or advice given with films that could perhaps be added to? Discussions below please…

Oh and the link to the Fast and Furious advice is here: http://www.bbfc.co.uk/recent/index.php?media=film

P.S Haha at 3 seconds having been cut so that it could achieve a 12A rating…surely what were in these 3 seconds that would warrent it a 15 rating? Post your ideas below.

The Making of Saw

Thought this might be an interesting read…

Below is a link to an article on totalfilm.com about the making of the first Saw film. Reading it through, it gives a good insight into how it came about, and to remind us of why it what a good film in the first place, compared to the rest of the sequels (bar Saw II. Though it wasn’t as good, obviously).

Happy Reading!