A Bizarre BBFC Rating

Is it just me or do you think some of content advice the BBFC give in their ratings is a bit far fetched? Take Fast and Furious for example, as much as I am excited to see this, the advice from the BBFC reads thus: “Contains strong action violence and sexualised posing”.

Now just what dumbass thought this up? I mean, it would have just been simpler to put “sexual references” like they do with all their other films wouldn’t it?! I’m baffled to work out why they decided to say this on this film, why not include it also on something like Striptease or, erm… well you get the idea surely.

What I would like to know, is if anybody else have spotted some strange classification decisions? Or advice given with films that could perhaps be added to? Discussions below please…

Oh and the link to the Fast and Furious advice is here: http://www.bbfc.co.uk/recent/index.php?media=film

P.S Haha at 3 seconds having been cut so that it could achieve a 12A rating…surely what were in these 3 seconds that would warrent it a 15 rating? Post your ideas below.