This Is England and Social Realism

Now, i know that i have already done a blog post before referring to Shane Meadows and how much i love his films, but i was watching This Is England just now, and it made me think about things and relate to it, more than i ever did when i last watched it over a year ago.

Which just goes to show the power that a genre such as social realism can have on an audience, and why films such as this need to be more recognised. Ok i now that T.I.E was shown in America and didn’t do that well, probably because they didn’t get most of what the film was on about, however The Full Monty was a success across the pond and Trainspotting, although the film had to be re-dubbed by the original cast because of the ‘heavy’ accents that were spoken.

Ok, i’ll rephrase that. More films like this need to be made, and not just from England, i’m mainly thinking Hollywood, because i think it would be good to see Spielberg or Greengrass, for example, make something hard hitting, very ‘real’, and on a low budget. And i mean for less than $10 Million, try doing a ‘Blair Witch’ and make it for $40,000. Now that would be a challenge, and it would be really interesting to see what they would come up with. And lets face it, it would make quite a good documentary to.


Shane Meadows’ upcoming projects…

I will admit I have become somewhat a fan of Shane Meadows’ work ever since discovering This Is England, and writing a 3000 word essay at a-level, relating it to ‘british social realism’, having thought the films preceding it, especially Dead Man’s Shoes, were absolutely brilliant, his follow-up  project to England,  Somer’s Town, was also enjoyable to watch.

So you could imagine my delight when I found an article on the Empire website detailing his next works, primarily looking at Le Donk, a “balls-out comedy” following an Arctic Monkey’s roadie, played by no less then his good old mate Paddy Considine, who takes a retired rapper, by the name of Scorsese, on tour in the hope of launching his career, bearing in  mind the rapper weighs 17 stone and has converted to Islam.

One of his long-term projects, King of the Gypsies, has been stalled somewhat due to him finding out someone also had a stake in the idea. But another, darker and scarier,  project which will follow that, which Meadows describes as “making Dead Man’s Shoes look like play school”, just got me even more excited.

Anybody else a fan of Meadows’ work and are excited at this prospect??…

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